Transforming Generational Cycles of Poverty to Ignite Hope and Value in the Name of Jesus Christ


Community Development


Zone 3 Garbage Dump Community of Guatemala City, Guatemala


This community is a complex environment. With more than 30 relief based organizations and more than 100 relief based mission trips, there is competition between organizations for resources and residents for the benefits of those organizations.


For the Love of Missions has been able to support local leaders by opening the building to local leaders who needed space for their
missional activities. There are 4 ways the building is being used:

  • After school tutoring, snacks, showers (Monday- Friday)
  • Homeless Outreach (Saturday mornings)
  • Youth Group Meetings (Friday evenings)
  • The building has also become the location of monthly meetings between community and organizational leaders looking to create synergy for the community.

One local leader stated:
“This is the first time anything like this has happened.”

For the Love of Missions is excited to offer a place
for local leaders to organically grow and connect in order to transform their community.

Goals for 2017:

Add a small library and resources center with computers to the building for use by these groups and the mentoring program.