Mentoring and Education


Zone 3 Garbage Dump Community of Guatemala City, Guatemala


  • The youth (middle and high school age) tend to drop out of school to help the family financially or due to the many distractions like drugs and gangs.
  • It takes the involvement of the whole family to break this cycle.


Three people who grew up in the community and grew through the investment of time and relationships have developed a program to mentor the whole family. 

  • Weekly group activities with families both educate and expand their vision of the world. The educational part will cover topics such as nutrition, budget, personal hygiene, etc. The families will also have the opportunity to go on outings that take them out of their community to go to the movies, the swimming pool, special parks, etc. 
  • As the mentors build deep relationships with the families, they will work with secondary schools and For the Love of Missions to provide scholarships for the youth at risk for dropping out of school. The scholarships will be for schools outside the community and provide tuition, books, supplies, uniforms and admission fees.

Goals for 2017: 

  • Provide 32 Youth Scholarships 
  • Provide 5 Adult Scholarships 
  • Provide Professional Counseling for the Mentored Families  
  • Add One Mentor 

After the first weekly activities, one of the mentors stated:

“Because we, the mentors, come from this community, I saw the families connect to our stories and even begin to open up more quickly than with groups coming from outside the community. They could relate to our experiences. For example when we were children and in school, we would hear someone talk about going to a restaurant, but we didn’t have that opportunity. Giving these families this opportunity will impact their dignity.” 

Transforming Generational Cycles of Poverty to Ignite Hope and Value in the Name of Jesus Christ