Our Mission:

Transforming Generational Cycles of Poverty to Ignite Hope and Value in the name of Jesus.


To empower local leaders to develop, implement and lead their vision to transform their community through economic and community development.

Some Foundational Beliefs:

  • Each person is created in the image of God with unique gifts and talents. Each person has a voice, gifts and experiences to contribute.
  • God is already working in all communities. We enter communities as humble learners to see where He is moving and join him there.
  • While the challenges and problems of a community are often obvious, seeing the strengths and resources of the community are t he first step toward finding sustainable and dignifying solutions.
  • In a true crisis situation, relief should be provided. But when relief is applied in a chronic situation, when development is what is needed, harm is done to both giver and receiver.
  • Partnership and collaboration with people, organizations, businesses, and churches provide an image of the complete body of Christ working for His Kingdom.
  • Trust is everything. Relational trust is not something that grows according to a formula or prescribed checklist, but by being present in time and place with people in their joy and sorrow.
  • True community transformation happens one person, one family at a time through intentional relationships.
  • Sometimes the greatest act of empowerment is one of silence and submission to the leadership of the community even when we think we have the answer and the capacity to provide the solution.

Transforming Generational Cycles of Poverty to Ignite Hope and Value in the Name of Jesus Christ